Monday, August 16, 2010

A Frenchy, Creamy, Fishy Weekend

Hubby and I spent the night at my parents’ house this weekend. We drove up to take advantage of the free car wash offered by the dealer where we purchased our new car, and Hubby picked up his free suit from the Wearinghouse of Men (a gift from all the bizness he brought ‘em from those wedding tuxes!). It was nice to have a little getaway and spend time with the old farts parents ;)

Saturday morning I was inspired to make breakfast because, well, Saturday mornings are made for good breakfasts. I whipped up a batch of healthy French toast using slices of Oroweat Double Fiber bread spread on both sides with organic peanut butter and dipped in a mixture of egg whites (all the cholesterol is in the yolks, so eliminate 'em!), cinnamon, vanilla extract, and nonfat milk. Topped with fresh berries, of course ;) No syrup needed, either.

Yuuuuuum. Breakfast makes me drool J The Double Fiber bread was super filling and I highly recommend it, especially since it has only 70 calories per slice, no high fructose corn syrup, and 48% of your daily fiber. It’s tasty too. My dad even commented that it kept him full past lunchtime, and we ate around 9 a.m. Not too shabby for French toast!

My mom made my day when she casually mentioned the need to make cream cheese frosting. “Whatever for?” I asked, and she replied with the delightful announcement that she had made and frozen some red velvet cupcakes (yes, from a box mix – still awesome!).

We tripped to the extraordinary food store to buy fresh wild salmon on sale for dinner, per my dad’s request, and helped ourselves to the smorgasbord of snacks they have on the weekends J Upon our return to the humble abode, I set about finding the necessary frosting recipe.

The madre has more cookbooks than B&N, so I looked to the ladies of the Silver Palate for guidance. The New Basics Cookbook is a great resource for just about anything you’d ever want to cook, and of course it had this yummy recipe at just the right time. Scrumptiously easy.

I used lime juice instead of lemon, since that’s what was in the fridge. It was a tad too runny for my taste, but still delicious. Look at that frosting-y goodness – aww yeah. And we got to take most of them home :)

Our salmon also made for a delicious dinner. Mom and Dad gifted us with a few leftovers to take home, and last night I was pondering what to do with it for dinner. I suggested an idea to Hubby and he ran with it! He cooked whole wheat penne pasta as the base, and added half a jar of pasta sauce combined with the leftover salmon, red pepper flakes, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and sliced red bell pepper, all topped with fresh basil from the patio J Yum! Thanks Hubs J

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