Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Yums and Funs

Don't worry, there are plenty of recipes coming - I'm trying to play catch up since the last few weeks have been crazy!  I've been working a ton (yay money!) and staying busy around the house, so my blog has fallen by the wayside lately.  Fear not...I will be back soon!

Several fun and delicious fall things lately:

A chopped peach heated up with a crumbled cereal bar and melted Hershey's...bliss :)

Visiting the beautiful Oceanside Pier, one of the longest on the West Coast.

Apple cinnamon French toast made with egg whites, skim milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.  Don't forget to drizzle peanut butter over the top and have fruit on the side.  I drooled enjoyed it :)

Hubby and I day-tripped last week to Julian, a nearby historic town in the mountains famous for their apples.  This was my fantastic slice of Dutch apple pie from Julian Pie Company.  The crumb topping was to die for!

Hubby (with his fall beard) enjoying his apple pie :)  They had a cute outdoor deck under the trees and it was a great way to enjoy our lunch in the fall sun.

We took an hour to burn off our pie hiking around Lake Cuyamaca.  It was a beautiful fall day, sunny and in the high 60s.

The following week we visited Prince of Peace Abbey, a Benedictine abbey in Oceanside.  These monks sure are lucky to have such a nice view!  It was so calm and peaceful.

At the end of the prayer walk: more beautiful views.

We also checked out Guajome Park.  The lake was beautiful and there was a great walking path all the way around it.

We had some company :)

A beautiful fall day!

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