Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blogger Freebie: 50 Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

Growing up I always loved the weeks before Christmas when we'd receive holiday cards in the mail.  I loved ripping open the colored envelopes and reading different wishes sent from all over the country.  My favorites, though, were always the cards with family photos attached.  I was secretly jealous and always wished my family would be the one to send one of the pretty cards with everyone dressed in matching outfits.  There were a few times when my mom would get organized early and actually take a picture for our family card, but there were also a few years when I was the one who asked to address and sign every card we sent out.  Yes, I was a weird teenager.

Now that I have the chance to send out my OWN photo cards, I am super excited to participate in Shutterfly's blogger giveaway (Thanks Sarah for telling me about it!).  They are offering 50 FREE holiday cards to bloggers and I love all the fun designs available on their website.  Hubby and I have so many great wedding photos from this year that I'd love to use several to make a collage card like this one:

So fun!  We also have a vertical shot that would look fabulous on this design:

So there you have it - click here if you want to join in on the fun!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you are doing this. I wish I had done cards the Christmas after our wedding. So many good pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Lauren

    Could you please email me @

  3. ah! I always order through shutterfly! Thank you for posting about this!!

  4. Hello,
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