Friday, December 10, 2010

Gooey Peppermint Mocha Brownies

Oh Lordy, we have a winner here.  I took these to work (inspired by the shop's own peppermint mocha beverage) and they were a big hit.  My coworkers were joking about getting buzzed from the instant coffee on top of the chocolate (and whatever coffee drinks they'd already had that day).  These are gooey, satisfying, and with just a touch of peppermint and coffee flavor.  The soft peppermints really melt into the batter and add a great chewy texture to the brownies.  You'll love them!

I started off with these four ingredients:

I unwrapped the peppermint puffs and added the instant coffee:

Prepared the brownie batter and added in the instant coffee and crushed peppermint puffs:

Poured the batter into an 8x8 pan and placed whole peppermint puffs on top for extra flava.  This made it easy to cut into serving sizes, too.

Of course, being the eager beaver to try one straight out of the oven, I forgot all about photographing them until it was almost too late.  Almost.  Thus, the ugliest brownie was my model.  Oh well.  You get the idea - they're that good.

Peppermint Mocha Brownies - makes 12 brownies


  • Your favorite brownie recipe for an 8x8 baking pan
  • 22 soft peppermint candies
  • 1 packet Starbucks VIA or 2 tbsp. instant coffee/espresso
  • Prepare your brownie mix according to your recipe.
  • Crush 10 peppermint candies in a baggie, and add to your brownie batter.
  • Add Starbucks VIA or instant coffee/espresso to your batter, and stir well.
  • Pour batter into prepared baking pan.  Evenly place 12 whole peppermint candies on top so you have 12 brownie servings laid out.
  • Bake according to your recipe directions until they're done.  Cool and cut around candies to make your 12 brownie servings.
  • Enjoy!


  1. How awesome! ... My nana (grandmother) says that super decadent foods are to LIVE for, not to die for. So, in the words of nana... these look like they are to live for! :D

  2. Those sound delicious! And those soft peppermints are my favorite!

  3. All of my favorite flavors in one!


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