Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cake Decorating: The Final Frontier

Alrighty! My cake decorating classes are finally over, so I have to share my last cake from my Wilton Flowers and Cake Design class.

For the final cake, we had to show our mad design skillz and not just plop random flowers on the cake. I decided to use a bunch of flowers I had made from another class session (the large ones are primroses and the small ones are apple blossoms), and try to make them look pretty on the top. I think I succeeded! :) 

The green piping is royal icing, and the reverse shells (in white) are done in buttercream.

Here's a close up of the side of the cake. Those brown spots are chocolate cakecrumbs. I have to say this was the best tasting cake yet...and I used cake mix! Thank you Duncan Hines. There's a reason cake mixes exist :)

Here are some pictures of the stargazer lilies I made out of royal icing. The other few I made didn't look so hot, so pretend these are all different flowers :)

Sadly, the stamens (white and gray parts sticking out) are not edible. I wish they made them out of modeling chocolate.

Here is my sad looking daffodil. My royal icing was way too stiff, so several of them just turned to mush. Oh well.

And here are lots of royal icing roses. I think I got the hang of them! Here's a secret my class instructor shared with us: use a Hershey kiss as the base of the rose instead of frosting. Much easier, and no need to switch your decorating tips back and forth on the piping bag!

The green edges came from the tiny bit of green frosting left in my piping bag before I added the purple frosting. Yes, I'm lazy and don't like to waste piping bags. I like the way it looks!

Same thing with the pink. I'm a fan!

All together now...

And there you have it! Anyone need a cake decorated now? I'm happy to help! :)

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