Friday, August 26, 2011

Computer Lackin' = Blogger Slackin'

So...not only did blogger burnout ensue recently, laptop went kaput. No fun!

Earlier this week, I opened my laptop (we usually leave it in sleep mode) to find the screen black. The power was definitely on, but nothing was responding. I tried the usual fix-it-myself options to no avail. At work that morning, I made an appointment at the Apple store (thank you, Apple, for keeping things so simple!) and Hubby and I headed over later that evening.

The tech guy said the comp needed a new video card, and fortunately, it was covered under a recall warranty. Hooray for free repairs! Off we went and were told it would be a few days.

Wednesday morning they called me back. "It's ready for pickup!" Hooray! :)

I stopped back at the store on my way home from work. Thank you again, Apple, for your excellent customer service. Now that it's part of my job, I really appreciate it when people are kind and treat you like a real person. The employee and I booted up the laptop, only to find the startup screen with the bitten-out-of apple logo staying in place for several minutes. "Let me take it in the back and have someone look at it." Okay.

45 minutes later, another tech guy came out. "It needs a new hard drive." Gulp. (Side note: we bought a new hard drive ourselves several months ago and haven't installed it yet. Looks like now is the time.)

"Thanks, but no thanks." So Hubby's next task is getting one of his computer-savvy friends to help him figure out how to switch out the hard drive. We'll see what happens!

Until then, I shall blog as time permits on my lunch break :) I wish I had pictures! Pictures really do make blog posts more fun.

In the meantime, I have been doing the following to bide my time at home with no computer access:
  • Reading real books! In the last several days, I've finished Veil of Roses (loved it!), Grace (Eventually) (liked it, and I'm a big fan of Anne's down-to-earth, no-nonsense style), The Help (AMAZING - can't wait to see the movie!), and am currently reading Marley and Me (love it, especially as a dog lover/owner).
  • Reading all of your blogs :)
  • Making smoothies. So far our new favorite is banana-cocoa powder-peanut butter with some vanilla extract and ground flaxseed added. YUM! It tastes like a milkshake but is a million times healthier :)
  • Making this. Try it. It's incredible. I love it when Hubby brings home avocados from work that people drop off at his office!
  • Perfecting my homemade hummus. 88 cents for a can of chickpeas at Sprouts, thank you very much! It's so easy and I like knowing all the ingredients in there.
  • Walking around our new neighborhood. There aren't as many sidewalks as where we lived before, so I have to hop in the car and drive a litte ways to park closer to where I feel more comfortable walking around. No big deal, though. I'm excited to finish decorating our apartment, too!
Keep your fingers crossed that the laptop will be back in commission soon! Until then, thank you all for continuing to write and post beautiful pictures for me to gawk at :)

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