Sunday, October 16, 2011

French Press Coffee in My Tervis Tumbler

I love coffee anytime, day or night. Just make it decaf after noon, please :)

When Foodbuzz announced their Tastemaker offering from Tervis, I hoped and prayed I'd be chosen! I was intrigued by Tervis' claim that their plastic tumblers could be used for both hot and cold drinks, so when mine arrived in the mail, I decided to put it to the test.

Here it is! I like the fun colors from the Foodbuzz logo.

This is the perfect size for beverages, smoothies, ice cream floats (ooooh, sounds good), you name it!

One particular evening I was craving French press coffee, so I brewed a pot of decaf and decided to go for it. I heart French press coffee, and after working at a coffee shop and learning how to brew it properly, I really enjoy doing it when I have the time. That's another story :)

And into the Tervis it went...

I braced myself for raging heat to hit my hands...

...and this thing was perfectly cool! How about that? The outside of the tumbler did not get hot AT ALL. Wow. I was impressed. I could sip away to my heart's content and not worry about burning my hands. Having done that too many times before with coffee mugs and metal containers, this made me happy :)

Thanks, Foodbuzz and Tervis!

Disclaimer: I received a free Tervis Tumbler as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program. The review is my own and they didn't pay me to say nice things about them.

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  1. What an awesome tastemaker to participate in!! I'm envious. Such a great cup. And french pressed coffee is by far the best.


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