Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pizza Pizza!

Anyone remember those Little Caesar's commercials? Aww yeah :)

A while back my mom and I were visiting the mother ship and they were offering all these special products that day. There was a company selling these delicious flatbreads covered in all sorts of yummy toppings, like pesto, sundried tomato, za'atar, etc. Next thing we knew, the salesgirl had charmed and flattered us into buying a 3 pack of these tasty breads. My mom sent me off to our new apartment with one of each, and after hanging out in the freezer for a few weeks they were yelling at me to be eaten.

So we ate them. I decided pizza was the course of action that had to be taken, so I thought long and hard about what toppings to use on each flatbread. I think our varieties included sundried tomato, spinach + feta, and za'atar perhaps? I can't remember. My new mini herb garden was inspiration for the evening's toppings:

Herbalicious! Why use the dried stuff when there is bountiful fresh basil outside? :)

Fresh herbs...ahhh :) Back to the pizza. Here are the toppings I went with:
  • slices of Brie and pear
  • barbecue sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, and garlic herb chicken (thanks Target!)
  • tomato sauce, fresh basil, fresh grated Parmesan cheese (PLEASE don't buy the stuff in the green can - it makes the angels cry) and homegrown tomato slices my mom got from a consignment store (one of the ladies had grown them at her house and my mom sweet-talked them into giving her a few with her purchase ;) )

Gathering ze ingredients. This...

...turned into these beauties:

And me in my hurriedness to cut the chicken I had just taken out of the oven, and in my inexperience never having turned our broiler on, did not realize the heating power bestowed in the mighty oven.
Less than 5 minutes in the broiler --> crispier than the Colonel fries his chicken. Oh well. It still tasted good once we cut the burnt part off.

The others still turned out delicious:
And that, my friends, is the Hubby and mine's first pizza adventure. Any way you slice it, we cut the cheese (har, har) :)

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